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Vindhya Micro Service Industry is Registered by Ministry of Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India and Gold Member of National Small Industries Corporation. Vindhya Micro Service Industry is Rendering of Management Consultancy Service, Support Activities for Animals Production, Educational Support Service, and Providing of Business Auxiliary Service, Public Relation Services such as Industrial Counseling Based on Industries including Micro Service Industries, Perception Research, and Communications.


Vindhya Micro Service Industry, Service Provider such as Consulting on Financial, Human Resources, Strategy Planning and Management and, rendering technical, operational, legal services and support for the Organizations and MSMEs, and Providing Strategy Counseling based on Organic Food Production and Processing Industries, Textiles, Carpets, Utensil Micro and Small Industries, including Micro Service Industries, Public Administration Services, Sustainable Management of Biodiversity, Cloud Computing Services, Web Host and Designer.


We are Conducting Diagnostic Research and Studies for many types of Cluster Projects such Organic Food Processing Cluster, Carpets and Utensil Manufacturing Cluster, Garments Sewing, and Cutting Artisans Cluster, farmers natural clusters, and we are Conducting Perception Research and Studies in Technical Education, Employment Generation, Internet of Things in Agriculture and Healthcare, Nano Technology in Agriculture and Bio Medical, Legal and Judicial reform